Armory Park Swing Dance


Beginners and Intermediate Lesson 7-8 PM

With more than 10 years of experience in East Coast dance instruction, Rob and Melanie provide a one hour lesson before the dance. Our instructors are motivated by their love of dancing and a passion to transfer their knowledge and skills to others so their creativity and talent can shine after a fun-filled evening of great music and lively dancing. 


All Ages Welcome

 We commonly have multi-generational participation from seniors down to middle school participants. We are an alcohol-free environment and make every effort to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience in a safe and low stress setting. We pride ourselves as inclusive and make every effort to see that everyone feels welcome and has a great time. 

Visit Us

Come and Dance with us

Armory Park Center - Just South of Downtown 
Free Lesson at 7PM
Open Dancing from 8 - 11 PM 

$10 (Cash or Check) 

Student or Transit pass discount of $2 

Tucson Lindy Hop

220 S 5th Ave, Tucson, Arizona 85701, United States

Alex - 520-990-0834


4th Saturday of each month

7-8 PM Beginners East Coast lesson - Jitterbug, Charleston

8-100 PM Live Music and social dancing

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